LiveStats Reports

When you're serious about SEO, getting regular, accurate and detailed reports is important. LiveStats lets you know everything from where your visitors are coming from to where they're heading, how long they're staying and what your most viewed pages are. By using LiveStats you get a better understanding of your visitors and what you should be focusing on to improve visibility in search results.


query_stats  Some great features that LiveStats reports include....


  • Site Activity

    • Reports daily traffic trends to determine how many people visit your site. (with the option to email/print your generated report)
    • Detailed stats on which pages get the most amount of traffic.
    • Search engine breakdown (option to add reports for phrases and keywords)

  • Demographics

    • Reports the amount of page views based on which browsers are used (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc..)
    • Determines which devices users use when visiting your site. (Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Samsung etc...)
    • Generates a detailed report on which countries are visiting your site (also includes cities)